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Department of Business and Management

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The Department of Business and Management, founded in 2000, is responsible for disseminating the spirit of business management of Formosa Plastics. Both teachers and students are committed to the teaching and research of practical use. The department has garnered high praises from committee members in a variety of assessments.  To ensure the teaching quality, the department actively invites external accreditation reviews as part of our continuous improvement program. After several rigorous counsels and visits, the department was accredited by the Accreditation of Chinese Collegiate School of Business (ACCSB) in 2017, showing the department's self-improvement commitment to enhancing teaching quality and its determination to pursue excellence. With regards to setting its educational goals, the department is working towards the educational goal of "nurturing management talents who meet the technical requirements of the industry, possess the attitudes of being industrious and honest, and have the basic and specialized knowledge in both theory and practice." The department is cultivating a new generation of talents, who are trained in theory and practice, technology and humanity, and are adaptable at both home and around the world.
Educational Goals
The academic goal of our department is to fulfill the actual requirements for managerial talents of the domestic industries, using the unique management mechanisms and business philosophies of Formosa Plastics as the blueprint for cultivating students’ business managerial talent along with giving them a broad management perspective. Currently, industry is facing a turning point, where its ardent demand for mid-and-high level management talent is helping to push the cultivation of practical talent and promoting the innovative teaching model of industry-academia cooperation, thus achieving the task of cultivating professional managerial talents, who "meet the requirements of the industries and have a hard-working and down-to-earth attitude."
To achieve the goal described above, our department follows three development strategies:
  • Cultivate the teaching staff's levels of professional management practice: Teachers in our department are encouraged to pursue further studies, conduct researches, and advance in their positions. Currently, 15 advanced level teachers in our department have a Ph D degree. Teachers with practical expertise are introduced to teaching in our department through the mechanisms of our curriculum design, which enhances the teaching staff's professional level with practical expertise. Teachers are also encouraged to participate in long-and-short term studies, industry-academic exchange activities and enterprise practices, thereby enhancing the practical skills of the teaching staff. The Department is committed to increasing teachers' research capacity, and continuing to encourage teachers to participate in academic and practical research projects. 
  • Cultivate outstanding talents with practical business managerial skills: In the spirit of technical and vocational education, the focuses of the department are on the cultivation of professional, integrative, and innovated abilities, and on the cultivation of students in becoming the business managerial talents, who have business theory and practical skills, science and humanity knowledge, and domestic and global perspectives.  
  • Improve the visibility and reputation of the department: Teachers and students are encouraged to organize various nation-wide activities, actively participate in every activity relating to the field of business management, and to organize academic forums and various national events.
Educational goals of each school system:
  • Four-Year Technical College and Extended Studies
"Cultivating managerial talents, who meet the requirements of the industries, who have the professional, integrative, and innovative abilities, and who have a hard-working and down-to-earth attitude."
  • Master Degree Program (MBA)
"Cultivating managerial talents, who can integrate theory with practice and meet the requirements of the industries, who have the professional, integrative, and innovative abilities, and who have a hard-working and down-to-earth attitude."
International Exchange
Our school is committed to improving students' abilities in listening, speaking, reading, writing, briefing, debating and negotiating, in English, and has included these abilities in English as one of the top educational goals. The school is now committed to improving students' global mobility, and in expanding students' perspectives; thus, the school actively encourages students to participate in international exchange and cooperation activities by providing services that include:
  • Continue organizing academic exchange activities with the Singapore Institute of Management, Warwick University in UK, University of Illinois at Springfield, Northern Illinois University, Louisiana State University, University of Houston at Victoria, Gonaga University, and Robert Morris University in the USA, Bahcesehir University in Turkey, and Swiss College of Hospitality Management Lenk in Switzerland. And, occasionally, invite experts and scholars from various countries to give speeches, hold international exchanges or conduct English counseling activities;
  • Apply a full effort in developing overseas sister schools to help carry out substantial international academic exchanges and promote campus internationalization;
  • Work closely with Taiwan Agape Family Christian Church, which is supported by the Viatech Foundation, to entertain students of Christian fellowship from the United States and Korea, by providing opportunities for students to learn about reception and to take the initiative of interacting, in English, with students from other countries;
  • Select and send students to take part in internships in the United States, Switzerland, Malaysia, Vietnam and Mainland China (including Shanghai, Chongqing, Nanjing, Chengdu, Dongguan and Xiamen);
  • Offer students a two-year summer course experience at the University of Houston in the United States;
  • Plan and implement summer school programs with U. S. sister schools, Robert Morris University (RMU), and University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) in 2015 and 2016. Use the collaboration model of student participation in course learning to establish step-by-step the partnership in course teaching;
  • Send students abroad to visit and participate in overseas competitions. In recent years, the works of our school's students and teachers have gained repeated awards in international competition, and the School of Management and Design is expanding its cooperation with the schools in the Greater China region, including: The National University of Singapore and the mainland's higher education institutions;
  • Recruit outstanding international students, starting in 2015, to study in our Master degree programs. The results include: obtaining permission to recruit 78 Vietnamese students to the four-year Bachelor degree program for the 2016 academic year, 21 Vietnamese and Mongolian students to study in the Master degree program, and one Vietnamese student to study in the Post-graduate school program;
  • Pro-actively established sister school relationships and joint degree programs with various schools in the last couple of years, including: UIS in the USA, University of Cincinnati in the USA, Ton Duc Thang University in Vietnam, University of Da Nang in Vietnam, and Hue University in Vietnam.