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Do I need to take TOEFL/IELTS?
  If you are not a native English speaker or did not complete your undergraduate studies in an English-speaking country, an English proficiency test is required. The Program does not require a specific kind of English proficiency test, and does not have a minimum test score requirement. Applicants of the same year will be competing with each other in overall performance.



Do I need to take GMAT?

   No — GMAT is not compulsory; however, it can be included in your application as a supplementary material.



What undergraduate degree subject should I have?
  We have no particular preference. We welcome applications from arts, languages, sciences and engineering graduates as well as those from business and economics.



Can I apply online?

  Applicants are required to apply online.




How many semesters in one academic year? When will I be studying?
  MCUT runs 2 semesters in each academic year. Fall semester is from September to January of the following year, while spring semester is scheduled from February to June. IMBA is a two year program.

                          Application System: http://foreignadm.mcut.edu.tw/

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