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MBA program

Master of Business Administration (M. B. A.)
MBA degree program emphasizes the core educational philosophy that is to enhance students’ expertise competency, integration competency, and innovation competency. In response to the needs of enterprises and the goals of the school's development, both programs have made an endeavor to implement the practical teaching strategy and the industry-academic cooperation, and have devoted to providing their students with the best learning environment based on the abundant resources supported by Formosa Plastics Group.
MBA Curriculum for the 106 Academic Calendar.
A minimum of 48 semester units of graduate study are required for the MBA program. The MBA curriculum includes coursework in the following categories: Requirements, Electives, a Capstone Course, and Thesis. A number of concentration areas are shown in the section of Core Requirements; each is listed with a cluster of courses. Students taking courses in a concentration area will gain in-depth knowledge and skills in the corresponding business professional field. Additionally, taking courses in a concentration area can be beneficial to the student for career planning. The student must meet prerequisite requirements when taking any course.
I. Requirements (23 units)
The following required courses provide a knowledge base of interdisciplinary business theories and techniques. The following includes a capstone course (3 units): topics on strategic management.
II. Dissertation (4 units) (required)
The master candidate is required to earn a minimum of 4 units in the dissertation coursework to meet the graduation requirement.
III. Electives (21 units)
The student may elect any graduate-level courses to meet the Electives requirement.


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