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Internship Program

There are a few special features of our internship program in MCUT and in B&M Program.
  1. It is a solid training program.
All junior students of MCUT have to participate in one year internship, which includes students of B&M program. This one-year solid training program is good for all junior year’s students. It starts freshly at the middle of September each year.
  1. A closely related mentor is designated to each student.
Each student has a designated mentor who will visit him or her regularly. Basically, the visiting to the internship place for a mentor is done five times a year. In our internship program, the mentor of a student comes from the instructors of the same department. Thus, students can feel free to ask potential questions during their internship in the time that they feel the need. They can call, send Line or WeChat, or send e-mail. In addition, an intern actually has to send e-mail to the mentor monthly to report his/her recent work condition.
  1. Students have to write good internship reports.
There are four term papers for each student to turn in during the internship period. Therefore, students turn in their internship reports on quarterly basis. Because students work on various business fields, the titles and contents of students’ term papers are assigned by their bosses. The papers are unable to be identical. Each title can be interesting and is work-related.
  1. Work performance and report in internship count.
According to term paper quality and work conditions of students, job supervisors provide quarterly grades on students’ performances. The grade criteria set for bosses have two facets. One is for job performance part and one is for term paper quality. In addition to supervisors’ evaluation, college mentors also provide quarterly grades. For a student’s quarterly grade, it is the result of the average of the supervisor’s and mentor’s scores. Therefore, all the endeavors of students count during their internship. Good grade potentially means good future job connections.
  1. Cooperated partner companies are increasing.
Faculty of B&M department takes good care of students and puts students as our priority. Each year, new and diverse business internship opportunities are surged. Currently, we have over 22 companies are associated with our internship program, either in Taiwan or China. Among all cooperated partner companies, Formosa Plastic Group is one of the best places for students to explore their future careers and get hand-on experiences on business work. As internship training is an important part of tertiary education, we expect to include more companies to involve in our program in the near future. Therefore, our students can explore their career paths more in accordance with their own interests.


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