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Business Management



Based on the principles or concepts of professionalism, technology, marketization, globalization, and whole-person education, the Department of Business and Management plans and develops a curriculum composed of modules such as Organization & Human Resources, Marketing Management, Finance & Accounting, and e-Business. In addition to taking courses, students are required to receive co-operative practical training in subsidiary companies of the Formosa Plastics Group (FPG) or cooperative enterprises and be involved in a great diversity of teaching activities. Through the training and education, students are expected to be professionals who are capable of integrating business functions and resources.


Labs and Facilities


The Department of Business and Management owns several laboratories and classrooms, including: E-Marketing Laboratory, Industry Research Laboratory, Organizational Learning Laboratory, Business Intelligence & Business Simulation Laboratory, SME Service and Innovation Laboratory, Global Business Learning Laboratory, Management Information System Laboratory, Formosa Case Study Classroom, Formosa Case Study Research Center, multi-purpose classrooms, and seminar rooms. We establish those labs and facilities in order to offer students a high-quality learning environment.


Our Graduates' Careers


Our graduates work in a variety of areas: marketing & sales, human resources management, finance/accounting, business management, and others. Our graduates have shown high rates of employment after college and excellent performance at work. Particularly, the Department has been selected as one of the "hottest university departments" by Business Weekly in 2013.


Academic-Industrial Cooperation


Our faculty members have been undertaking various types of academic-industrial cooperation projects, such as: commissioned research, business counseling, business incubation, business internship, etc. We expect to strengthen both our faculty's teaching and research abilities and our business partners' innovation abilities based on the strong ties with the industry.